Golf scope
Why carry another gadget when you go onto the gold course?
Use the Golf Scope to replace your physical scope. It is as good, and in some extend, better.
This is a quick tutorial:
    1. Point iPhone at the flag. Tap the “Freeze” button.
    2. Golf Scope take a snapshot of the flag, automatically zoom in, adjust the contrast so it is easier to the eyes, and display the zoomed image.
    3. Use your finger to move the scale over the flag. The tip of the flag will indicate how far the flag is.
So, in the above screenshot, the flag is about 15 yards away.
How accurate is it?
    At 150 yards, it is +/- 10 yards.
    At 100 yards, it is +/- 3 yards.
    At 50 yards, it is +/- 1 yard.
It supports both yards and meters, both regulation flags and short practice flags.
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Golf Scope, with the scope