Signals is a database app for user-submitted iPhone signal strength, displayed on a map.
1. Easy to see the signal strength data round you. It is displayed on a map, which is scrollable and stretchable.
Note: If you see a map without any signal data, it means that you are the first one in your neighborhood using this app. You can zoom out to see bigger area.
2. Easy to submit your data. It automatically obtains your location from the iPhone’s location service. When you tap “+” to start submission, it automatically get the signal strength and submit the data at a fixed interval. It is a hand-free process.
3. User options. Specify your carrier and how many samples you want to grab.
Setting the carrier helps us to group data. Viewing by carrier will come soon.
We limit the number of signal marks for performance reason. When you are on the cell phone network, please limit the number to 40. On a Wifi network, the performance is still acceptable with 100 marks.